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Say Goodbye To Traffic Jams...

New Yorkers are no strangers to dealing with slow traffic. Traveling the city every day can take up time, and even be unsafe sometimes. What if there was a better option to walking, driving, or even the subway?

...And Hello To Sky Views!

SkyCoaster is a system of high-tech sky gondolas. Safe, easy, and fun to use, SkyCoaster will you get you where you need to go. No more traffic jams, and you won't be needing your e-reader to stay awake. Enjoy a gorgeous bird's-eye view of New York City on your way to work.

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Our History

Since 2025, SkyCoaster has been providing New Yorkers with the best way to commute. Tired of sitting in slow traffic? Enjoy a gorgeous view of the city in our gondolas! Get to Happy Hour faster. Be ten minutes early for your date. Wherever you need to go, SkyGondola can get you there.

SkyGondola was born from the need for more reliable, safe methods of transport throughout the city. The Big Apple continues to be a bustling center for businesses, creative types, and people who just love city life!

SkyCoaster is owned by FirstGroup plc, the leading transport operator in the United Kingdom and North America. We provide easy and convenient mobility, improving quality of life by connecting people and communities. With revenues of more than £5 billion annually and about 110,000 employees, the company transports more than 2.2 billion passengers every year.


We're listening. Write to us with your inquiries, concerns - or even with your praise! We love hearing why riding with SkyCoaster is the best!

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