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As safe as any other sky gondola - actually, even more! We have a rigurous process for vetting new gondolas, and very frequently update them. We also schedule extensive maintenance and quality checks. If you're still curious, you can reach out to us, and we will gladly allow you to peek at our safety and maintenance records.

Our clients would say so! With SkyCoaster, you avoid foot and auto traffic. We are able to get you where you need to go, with minimum slow down.

Sadly, we don't offer low-cost options yet. But, we do have SkyCoaster Pass, which allows you to prepay for rides. It offers disocunted rides at specific times - for example, the Commuter pass gives your discounted rides during regular commute hours.

Please do so! We accept nothing but amazing at SkyCoaster, and if your ride didn't meant those expectatios, we want to know. Contact us immediately (and if you felt unsafe or harassed during your journey, we have a specific number you can call or text to deal with the situation immediately.)

Thanks, New York. So are you! :)

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